Jan 212017

Yesterday, January 20, 2017, as all the Washington, D.C. shenanigans were underway, I consciously, and with very little effort, refused to watch TV, listen to the radio, or check out any news sites. I was in mourning, and, as my husband, who has a form of schizophrenia, likes to say about himself, “I felt like an alien.”

While others–not many, based on reports I read this morning–chose to legitimize the election of a man with no experience and who spews hatred and divisiveness, usually via Twitter, I chose to think what I, as one individual, could do these next four years to keep my disdain for this man front and center.

I can write. I’m a pretty good writer, but I’m not a well-known blogger, so it is unlikely that my words will be read by many.

I could tweet. I do have an account; however, I don’t even remember my password that’s how often I tweet. Besides, I refuse to use the same venue that the man uses. He is no one I’d ever emulate. And again, even if I did tweet, just how many people are going to read anything I write.

Still, the issue with writing for me has never been getting a huge (yuge?) audience, it’s been to express how I feel: get it out, put it on paper, process it, be done with it. So maybe blogging will work in order for me to process my response: my disdain, my horror, my absolute abhorrence for this man.

However, I want more than to simply write. I want this man removed from office. I want the american people who voted for him to disavow him, to say, “no, we were only kidding. we want nothing to do with a man, who grabs pussies, mocks the disabled, and invites the support of white supremacists.”

But the americans who voted for that man weren’t kidding. Somehow, they didn’t see what I saw. They didn’t see a pathological liar. They saw a man who promised to bring jobs back to the Rust Belt, to build a wall to keep people out of America so that they–these americans–would be able to have jobs no one wants.

This man cannot bring jobs back to the Rust Belt; the steel industry has collapsed. There is not the demand for steel there once was. It is unlikely that this person that other americans elected, not even the majority, will build a wall. To do so, he’d need to heavily tax the same americans he promised not to tax and then perhaps add tariffs to imports from Mexico.

I feel sad. I feel horrified. I feel ashamed. But most of all I feel ready to fight. I fought back in 1968 with other like-minded individuals to bring an end to the Vietnam War. And I feel ready to fight now to impeach this monster.

He is an embarrassment, and barring any Divine Intervention, such as God coming out of the Heavens to save my country from its own foolishness, it will be up to people like me to fight every single day, so the Drumpf is never legitimized; his cabinet is never legitimized; and his hatred towards all justice for billionaires only is never legitimized.

That fight needs to bigger than I alone, so today I will join with some 3000 other women here in Albuquerque and more than 250,000 women across the United States and others across the world to say, “This man, this abomination of a human being, is not and will not ever be my president.”