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A Little Bit About Me

Don’t let that picture to the right fool you. I am not blonde, do not have straight hair, and am probably much crabbier than that picture would suggest.

Hard at Work...Thinking

I am a writer and have been ever since Sister Mary Earl, way back in Bay City, Michigan – same place where Madonna was raised, even same school – St. Mary’s – way back some 40 years started telling me I was a writer, started tacking my stories to the bulletin board and walls, and started sharing my stories with all the other nuns in the convent.

Thank you, Sister Mary Earl.

I do wish it hadn’t taken me 20 years to believe you, and another 10 to figure out how to make money at it, but as I so constantly tell my kids – and anyone else held captive to my rants – it is is what it is.

Anyway, this site is currently being reorganized to reflect its transition from strictly a personal blog to a professional one as well.

As of April 8, 2010, you can start searching this site via the drop-down ‘Categories’ menu. If you simply need information regarding the professional services, I offer, choose: “Professional Endeavors.”

If you prefer reading samples of my work, choose: “Personal Reflections.”

Regardless of your purpose for being here, welcome.

  6 Responses to “Welcome to This Site”

  1. I soooooo love this picture of you! And it really doesnt show how REALLY glamorous you are =] Hold your head up girl!!! You are awesome and dont let anyone, not even yourself, tell you anything different! Embrace your amazing self!!! =]

  2. Oh, Katt, you make me blush. Thanks. I do so have an amazing self, don’t I?

  3. Lynn told me to come check out the site… I still remember you as one of my favorite teachers ever, I still write because of Eng. 101 at NMSU Grants branch. Of course, my writing now is somewhat different, being in song form.

  4. “There is Mork, who is bound and determined to jam his entire nose up my left nostril. Every single time he sits on my lap.” – I was in hysterics, almost spewed water all over my million dollar laptop. My friend’s cat Burn does that EVERY TIME I go to his house. I love crazy cats…

  5. Wow! What a surprise. I was just talking about you with Lynn, debating whether or not to add you as a friend on Facebook but wasn’t sure you’d remember me. I’ll go back on Facebook later tonight or tomorrow, and I’ll add you as a friend. How are you?

  6. I have three crazy cats, one mellow cat and three old dogs. I worry that by the time I’m a really old lady that I’ll be a dithering hoarder. 🙂

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